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Sometimes, our work in litigation, strategy, or research settings requires highly focused subject knowledge and dependable for their role.

Assessments and Monitoring

We have the tools and the teams to grow your digital footprint carefully and authentically on the right channels to words work assigned for.  At the ability to contribute positive to the work and the department as well as the entire organization at large.

Event Management

Aaran has also a team, qualified personnel’s, enough experience towards the events and conference management professionals. We naturally prefer to work in a challenging role where we genuinely get to make a difference to my work. Our expert normally perform their duty well the way is being required.

Capacity Building & training

Under the leadership of the technical specialist, Aaran has well trained persons, resourceful, self-motivated persons. They all possess skills and well organized with good experience.

Media Production & Broadcasting Services

In a media-saturated environment, our experts at Mediagistic have the tools and expertise you need to stand out. They also possess appropriate social skills to deal with all types of situations and they are highly organized by professionally. We conduct a thorough survey for each client, evaluating your creative needs and the marketing opportunities available and we have good partners TV & Radio Stations in Somalia and East Africa.

Third part monitoring

Our company delivers integrated communications solutions, across public Relations, strategic media relations. The company is compassionate, flexible and work in progress. Being third party monitoring with huge amount of responsibilities, it also has strong communicator and listener.

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