About Us


Aaran media & consultancy company Is an independent, privately owned Company and was established in late 2011 by like-minded scholars, business icons and professionals based in Mogadishu, Nairobi and Jig-jiga and subsequently spread all States in Somalia. The team felt there was a pressing need to establish a consulting Firm and Media that can provide local capacity to support humanitarian agencies, government institutions as well as the private sector. At Aaran we provide exceptional quality service in capacity building, Assessments, Evaluation and data management and We specialize in production and broadcasting services & Line of business ranges from Consultancy in Branding, Experiential Marketing, Translation’s Language such as: English, Arabic Kiswahili, Oromo, Amharic & Event Management for Governmental institutions and NGO’s. Our company delivers integrated communications solutions, across public Relations, strategic media relations, digital communications, and crisis management And specialized content services, with data as a driver and culture as our foundation. We analyses, strategize, integrate, navigate and Build to deliver deeper engagement and enduring results for our clients.


To continuously and consistently provide exceptional consultancy services that will definitely enable our esteemed clients succeed. Remaining competitive and providing


Excellence in Public Relations Means Seeing beyond Conventional Paradigms Our underlying focus remains to garner consistent brand impact by delivering qualitative outreach. Our holistic PR approach brings to life the “Creating a New You” principle, which is to engage multiple perspectives and integrated thinking

Message of the Director

Hassan Mohamed Ali

Since the foundation of Aaran Media & Communication Consultancy Company in 2011, working with both local and international   NGO‘s as well as working parallel with the ministries in line with the federal and state levels, NGO’s, as well as private institutions in Somalia rendering services such as, Consultancy, training, third party Monitoring, assessment, media production, public relations, development of media campaigns. 

 We are committed to create sustainable, work in progress, value on the social responsibility and economic development by offering high-quality advices and specialized consulting services.

Our team consists of team of professionals who has specialized knowledge and professional skills such; Communication Expert ,  livestock Expert , Agro-vertinery Expert &   Monitoring and Evaluation Expert  , Data Analyst Expert  , Strategist, HR specialist,  linguist  , Professional auditors and qualified Engineers with high experience and all the team members offers outstanding services towards our client’s  demand. Our professionalism, coupled with a strong personal touch enhances the probability of success at every step. The Aaran Company’s goal is to create a long-lasting client-candidate relationship, which will translate into long-term winning strategies and exponential growth for both parties.

Enclosure, on behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank our valuable Customers, hardworking Professional team members, reliable Dealers and world-class Business partners for their great contribution which made it possible for us to be a market leader in Business Development Consulting.

In addition with that  Aaran media and consultancy company is ready to help any organization who are ready to gain more knowledge on  our expert workers who are highly organized, skillfully, resourceful and capable in performing any duty to  be assigned for. It is very important for any organization dealing with such kind of job to have experienced expert workers who like us. We therefore, encourage them to contact us in case the need a rises.