We appreciate Aaran for their interest and concern in our operational capabilities, we have thoroughly assessed our teams capacity, and we are committed to effectively managing the create awareness campaign on health sectors. The approach made by aaran team involves raising the awareness campaign in a careful planning, resource allocation, and efficient coordination to ensure that we needs of the communities we serve during this critical activities. The Somali National Institute of Health, which is based on the acceleration of the campaign to develop awareness of the health risks that may arise from the storms and have implement measures to optimize our performance. This includes robust planning: we have developed comprehensive plans that outline the specific tasks, timeline and resources requirements for the activities. Skilled Workforce: Our dedicated team members possess the necessary skills and expertise to manage diverse activities effectively. We continually invest in training and capacity building to enhance our capabilities. Heavy rains that are predicted, is collaborating with  aaran Media, public awareness.

The awareness campaign messages which  broadcast on radio, television and social media platforms is so essential to the community at large and the goals we tackle is to prevent health risk that causes problems to the community if not well prevented and protected.

The goal is to prevent health risks that cause problems for the community

Aaran is a consulting and media company that has been working for a long time in media and consulting

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